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Updates on BitTorrent Suit filings and decisions

Updates concerning suits by Strike 3 Holdings, Malibu Media, Bodyguard Productions, and others.

Bodyguard Productions continues filing

Bodyguard Productions is nowhere near as prolific as Strike 3 Holdings and Malibu Media. However, its years-long litigation campaign concerning downloads of The Hitman’s Bodyguard continues in Utah.

In the end, its suits are susceptible to the same defenses as Strike 3 and Malibu suits. In fact, by joining multiple Does in a single case, the targeted defendants might have more defenses than Strike 3 and Malibu defendants. So, if you receive a subpoena from your ISP showing Bodyguard Productions is seeking your identity, schedule a free consultation here. You’ll find that our flat-rates are lower and achieve better results than many.

New Bodyguard Productions suits include:

Bodyguard Productions v. Internet Subscribers 1-14, (District of Utah): filed 2019-05-14

Bodyguard Productions v. Internet Subscribers 1-9, (District of Utah): filed 2019-05-10

Bodyguard Productions v. Internet Subscribers 1-8, (District of Utah): filed 2019-05-02

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