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I had received an ISP subpoena notice and became aware of a pending lawsuit with very limited time to act. Contacted several attorneys through a list available on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website. Of the ones I spoke with (the usual names that pop up when you try to search this topic), they quoted attorneys fees 2.5X higher than Jonathan's rate and estimated a settlement amount that was several thousand or tens of thousands higher than what Jonathan was able to work out. He has litigated dozens of these cases in court and worked out settlement agreements for more than a hundred. He is well aware of the weaknesses in the copyright troll's complaints and can use that to your advantage whether you choose to fight or settle. In the consultation, Jonathan was generous with his time and answered all of my questions. After hiring him, he worked quickly and was very responsive/communicative throughout the entire process and we were able to quickly settle the matter. If you are in a similar situation and unsure of where to turn, you owe to yourself to at least reach out for a consultation and see if he is the right fit for you."

Anonymous, May 2019.

I recently received notice from my ISP that they had been contacted by a law firm about alleged copyright infringement from my account. I contacted several attorneys and law firms to discuss my situation. Mr. Phillips outlined a more proactive strategy and estimated a much lower settlement cost than any other lawyer I spoke with. Part of me thought his pitch was too good to be true, but he successfully negotiated a settlement for me at the estimated amount and in less than two weeks. Based on my experience I highly recommend Mr. Phillips for resolving copyright infringement cases quickly and successfully.

Anonymous, April 2019

I was involve in a BitTorrent infringement lawsuit, as my atterney,Mr Philp privided professional advice, quick respond, reasonable price to help. great service!

Anonymous, April 2019