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Jonathan Phillips spent a years defending bars, taverns, restaurants, from Joe Hand Promotions’ and Zuffa’s accuastions of cable or satellite piracy. He can help you too. He offers

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If you heard from Joe Hand’s or Zuffa’s lawyers, feel free to contact him to discuss how he can help you too. Currently, Ryan Janis at Jekielek & Janis LLP and Julie Lonstein at Signal Law handle most of these cases at the pre-litigation stage.

Who are Joe Hand Promotions and Zuffa?

Joe Hand Promotions and Zuffa are creators and distributors of popular mixed martial arts events. They undoubtedly have a desired product. Growth of mixed martial art sports and cross-over events (i.e. Mayweather vs. McGregor) show no signs of slowing. Even so, beyond selling their fights, Joe Hand and Zuffa regularly sue bars, taverns, restaurants, and others who display fights without their permission. Their demands can be high and may ignore valid defenses you possess.

Do you have defenses?

Every legal dispute differs. Facts differ. Clients’ situations differ. Accordingly, available defenses differ from case to case. Jonathan never pushes a path forward that does not fit for a given client. That said, some common threads exists in Joe Hand Promotions and Zuffa suits. These potential defenses are provided as information, not as legal advice. Other defenses may be available in your situation. These defenses may not be.

The so-called internet defense

Joe Hand and Zuffa accuse individuals and businesses of engaging in satellite and cable piracy. Congress created signal piracy statutes to prevent satellite signal and cable signal descrambling. While some individuals may engage in satellite and cable piracy, others might utilize the internet to display UFC matches. Whether use of the internet is covered by these statutes is an open question in many courts.

Suing owners, not those displaying the program

Many times Joe Hand and Zuffa sue the owners of the taverns, bars, and restaurants as opposed to whoever displayed the fight. Whether these individuals have a defense because they did not personally display the fight is another potential defense that Jonathan will help you explore.

Simply seeking excessive damages

Sometimes defenses may be weak or lacking and settlement may be the best option. Even so, demands may be out of line with potential damages. Many courts award damages far below the demands made by Joe hand and Zuffa. Jonathan will help determine a reasonable settlement range.

Jonathan both litigates and settles cases

Some attorneys may only settle cases. When the situation calls for it, Jonathan also litigates cases. Either way, he can help you get the results you deserve. Whether litigating or settling a case, Jonathan offers you:

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