Jonathan LA Phillips, Attorney at Law
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Internet law, defamation, and privacy

Helping you with internet rules, regulations, and torts

Jonathan is here to help you with the rules and regulations governing the internet, protect you against anonymous defamation or invasions of privacy on the internet and social media, and protect your First Amendment rights.

What is internet law?

What is internet law? A smorgasbord of more traditional practice areas, narrowed and updated for the next century. And also new laws created specifically for the internet age.  The internet created a new digital economy, digital soapbox, and digital library with its own legal standards. Navigating this legal world can be tricky for those who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of the internet and the laws and cases concerning the internet. Examples may be the best manner of helping with the same.

Online Defamation

One example would be the interplay between defamation and free speech. Defamation becomes online and anonymous.  But speaking out against authority is easier to do.  Jonathan protects reputations and protects privacy. He uncovers the identity of those trying to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to defame others. Here, internet law balances these competing interests in the new digital world. Jonathan helps clients on both ends of the spectrum, including protecting anonymity or finding out the identity of people defaming you or your business.

Websites regulation compliance & development

People used to rent storefronts to businesses.  Now the web-developing and web-hosting world creates, maintains and hosts the websites of the world.  These sites are constitute what many think to be the new economy.  Jonathan has represented many web-development companies and web-hosting companies.  Jonathan also negotiates hosting and development contracts for clients, software as service agreements, and other internet related matters. Is your site GDPR compliant? CALOPPA compliant? Do its auto-renewal provisions comply with the law? If not, you may get sued in a class action. Jonathan can help you out with this issue.

invasions of privacy

Has someone violated your privacy by publishing photographs of you online, whether on social media, Snapchat, Tumbler, or Twitter? You might be able to make this stop without publicly identifying your suit. What if they simply invaded your privacy? Again, Jonathan can help you. Federal and state law provide you with remedies in these situations. Cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking related laws might provide relief as well.


Are you a software developer? Web developer? Are you hiring one? The intricacies of establishing ownership of intellectual property, access to social media accounts, and various are complicated by the internet. It is important to get contracts that you can rely on.

Examples of Jonathan’s efforts

  • Jonathan successfully defended a person accused of defaming a large not-for-profit organization through Facebook posts.

  • He successfully sealed a federal court docket of a person accused of downloading pornography on the internet, re-establishing the individual’s privacy.

  • Jonathan has drafted terms and conditions, privacy policies, and provided regulatory compliance counseling to numerous website owners.

  • In Koppaka v. Doe Jonathan represented the John Doe defendant.  In this Northern District of Illinois internet case, our client was an anonymous individual in Tennessee sued for alleged violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. After filing our Motion to Dismiss, arguing lack of jurisdiction, the Plaintiff dismissed the case voluntarily.

  • In a recent case concerning California’s laws regarding subscription box auto-renewals, Jonathan successfully negotiated a settlement extricating his client from potential liability at an amount acceptable to the client.

  • In another recent matter, Jonathan defended a woman accused of defamation. His client posted about her sexual assault on the internet. Putting up a vigorous defense, the plaintiff settled the matter on terms favorable to Jonathan’s client.