Jonathan LA Phillips, Attorney at Law
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Jonathan LA Phillips

Jonathan Phillips concentrates his practice in intellectual property procurement and litigation, commercial litigation, utility and energy proceedings and negotiations, internet law, and business matters. Located in Peoria, Illinois, Jonathan assists clients throughout Illinois and the United States for intellectual property matters.



Jonathan LA Phillips

Attorney at Law

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Areas of Practice

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, are among the most important assets an entrepreneur or business can own. Jonathan secures intellectual property rights for his clients, assists in building and maintaining IP portfolios, licenses and sells those rights, and enforces those rights on behalf of his clients. He also defends his clients that are accused of infringing others intellectual property rights.

Internet law, Defamation, and privacy

Jonathan is well versed in the laws governing the internet. Need GDPR compliant terms and conditions for your site? Check. Want to issue a DMCA takedown? Check. Is someone anonymously defaming you on social media or violating your privacy? Check and check. Jonathan can help you with specific rules and regulations governing the internet as well as the new twists on old problems.


Being centrally located, Jonathan helps his clients resolve disputes throughout the State of Illinois including all of central Illinois and Cook County. Jonathan approaches litigation with one purpose, the efficient and prompt resolution of your dispute and seeks to strike decisive blows at the outset of litigation.

BitTorrent Litigation

The most prolific filers of copyright suits sue for downloads of films using the BitTorrent protocol. Jonathan is one of the leading defense attorneys in BitTorrent cases and one of a small handful that regularly litigate them.

business formation and Corporate matters

Jonathan’s approach to business matters is client focused, not form focused. Utilizing a holistic approach to meeting your business needs, he provides cost-effective representation that does not miss the forest for the trees. His services include business formation, contract drafting and review, employment issues, collection of accounts, and other issues related to your business.

Other matters

If you have a legal issue, Jonathan can likely assist you. If your problem falls outside of what Jonathan handles, he will assist you in finding an attorney that can handle your dispute. Feel free to contact Jonathan regardless of your issue.

Utility & Energy

Jonathan Phillips represents landowners and homeowners in proceedings concerning transmission lines, pipelines, solar farms, wind farms, and utility companies such as Ameren, ComEd, NICOR, and others.

joe hand promotions/Zuffa

Joe Hand Promotions and Zuffa sues taverns, bars, restaurants, and others for unauthorized display of UFC and related programs. Jonathan is one of the few attorneys defending these cases. You may have a variety of defenses at your disposal and Jonathan can help you assert those regardless of where you are located in the United States.

Phoenix Entertainment Partners

Phoenix Entertainment Partners is a repeat filer of trademark infringement suits concerning karaoke programs. Jonathan has a proven track record of defeating Phoenix’s claims throughout the United States, including on appeal. Reach out if you or your venues have heard from Phoenix Entertainment Partners.



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